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Here I go again…

For whatever reason, I’m really motivated this time. Maybe its that fact that I either have to lose weight or go buy a whole new wardrobe. Started on 1/13/14 at 222.4 and today I am at 217.8 (1/27/14). Not great, but at least headed in the right direction. Just finished the cleansing phase of Advocare and started the second part today. I’m a HS girls soccer coach, so I have also told my team that I will condition with them for now on. They are actually encouraging it and holding me to it (I figured they would give me a hard time about being out of shape but they really haven’t). So here I go again….I’ll try to do a better job of keeping this blog updated (for all my readers, lol :D)


That awkward moment…

That awkward moment when you realize that you would have an absolutely amazing looking family if it wasn’t for yourself being about 30 lbs overweight….

Yep, that happened to me this week, and it is about time I do something about it. So I figured that keeping a blog would somehow help hold me accountable. Though I am not sure if it will work since I am a blog loner and no one pays attention to what I write about, I figured I could at least do this for myself. So now, if I choose to remain lazy and fat, the whole world wide web will know about it, and I will have no one to blame but myself….


Team Goes Teal

Team Goes Teal

Great story about one of the girls on my team

Hello Blogger World

Unfortunately, this is a blog that will probably only get read by me.  But at least I can read about my greatness, right?  In reality, I am a pretty average 30 something year old guy.  But who wants to read about that?

Maybe someone will.  Anyway, I out-kicked my coverage and have been married to my wife for 7 years.  We have 3 kids, currently ranging from 4 years old all the way down to 4 weeks old.  We also have an 8 year old dog.  Our little girl is the oldest, and she is such a handful.  Our middle son is 22 months.  Our house is pretty much a zoo, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I also teach and coach.  I teach history and coach girls soccer.

That is pretty much a quick introduction.  I will post random things about my family, my classes, my team, and just life in general.  At the end of the day I may be the only one that reads any of it, but at least I tried to share my greatness with the world (and again, by greatness, I mean very average).